Sell Online Case Studies

Case Studies of Sell Online

For furniture outlets, jewelry boutiques, home decor shops, fashion brands, and other specialty retailers, XtremeUX implements proven eCommerce SEO, paid search, and social media strategies to attract and convert online shoppers.

By optimizing your website and digital assets for relevant product and service keywords and running targeted promotions via Google/Facebook ads, we increase visibility and drive qualified traffic to your online store. Our data-driven multi-channel approach helps turn website visitors into customers through compelling product content, promotions, offers, and frictionless purchase journeys.

With XtremeUX, retailers strengthen their eCommerce presence to sell online and maximize digital revenue channels effectively.

Women’s Clothing Boutique  Case Study

Women’s Clothing Store Case Study
  • The client was a women’s clothing boutique looking to grow online sales.
  • Optimized website and product pages for keywords like “women’s dresses,” “handbags,” “shoes,” and “Toronto boutique.”
  • Highlighted fast shipping options and seasonal sales events.
  • Ran targeted Facebook and Instagram ads for new arrivals and bestsellers.
  • We implemented exit-intent popups and abandoned cart emails.
  • I sent SMS texts to customers about online promotions.


  • In 6 months, increased online sales by 45%.
  • Average order value increased by 30% from optimized product pages.
  • Instagram influencer promotions drove the most new customer acquisitions.
  • Abandoned cart emails recovered 15% of bailed shoppers.

Outdoor Gear and Apparel Case Study

Outdoor Gear and Apparel Case Study
  • The client was a specialty outdoor gear and apparel eCommerce store.
  • Optimized site for keywords like “hiking boots,” “ski jackets,” “thermal underwear,” and “camping tents.”
  • Created targeted product categories and branded landing pages.
  • Ran Google Shopping campaigns for top-selling items.
  • Posted Instagram ads promoting new arrivals and seasonal bestsellers.
  • Sent email nudges to browsing shoppers and abandoned carts.
  • Offered free shipping over certain order values.


  • In 5 months, online sales grew by 38%.
  • It reduced cost-per-click by 25% through landing page optimization.
  • Email nudges doubled completed purchases from site visitors.
  • Free shipping offers increased average order value by 18%.

Handmade Goods and Crafts Case Study

Handmade Goods and Crafts Case Study
  • The client was an eCommerce retailer selling handmade home goods and craft supplies.
  • Optimized website and product pages for keywords like “macrame wall hangings,” “candle-making kits,” “resin molds,” etc.
  • Ran paid search ads on Google Shopping for top product categories.
  • We have created targeted social media ads on Facebook/Instagram showcasing new products.
  • Developed video tutorials and DIY content to drive organic traffic.
  • Added capabilities for bundling items and package deals.
  • Implemented exit popups with discount codes for cart abandons.


  • In 5 months, increased online sales by 30%.
  • Google Shopping ads delivered 50% of overall PPC conversions.
  • DIY video content and tutorials reduced bounce rates by 30%.
  • Social media ads drove the newest customer acquisitions.
  • Cart abandonment exit popups recovered 10% more lost sales.