About Us

Results-Focused Growth Consulting Agency in Canada

At XtremeUX Digital, we specialize in rapidly growing businesses through targeted digital marketing strategies and optimization. Founded in 2010, our team of experts has helped hundreds of companies boost their online visibility, capture more leads, and increase sales.

We are obsessed with results and ensure our clients get real, tangible ROI from our services. Our data-driven approach means we continuously track and optimize campaigns to maximize conversions and revenue.

Digital solutions we offer to take your business to the next level include:

  • Search Engine Optimization to improve your visibility and help more customers discover you online organically.
  • Conversions-focused web design and development to turn visitors into leads and customers.
  • Pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, and other platforms to reach your ideal audiences.
  • Email marketing automation and lead nurturing to generate and qualify sales opportunities.
  • eCommerce solutions to optimize your online store for more traffic and sales.
  • Targeted content marketing to build authority and inbound leads.

At XtremeUX, we don’t just drive more visitors – we drive the right visitors, guide them seamlessly into your sales funnel, and maximize the revenue you see from your digital channels.

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Why Work with Us

Proven Track Record

Our case studies and client results demonstrate our ability to drive real business growth through digital marketing.

Hands-On Approach

We take ownership over the entire strategy and execution process so you can focus on running your business.


We dig into analytics to gain insights and identify optimization opportunities for improved performance.

Specialized Expertise

Our team is comprised of industry experts focused solely on strategizing, executing, and optimizing digital campaigns.


Our metrics for success are your metrics, such as leads generated, sales closed, and revenue growth. We optimize to hit your KPIs.

Our 3-Step Approach to Driving Business Growth through Digital Marketing

1. Strategy

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of your business, target audience, and competitors
  • Identify your key objectives, KPIs, and metrics for success
  • Map out a comprehensive digital marketing strategy aligned with your goals
  • Select platforms, channels, and tactics with the highest ROI potential for your business
  • Establish budget allocations across initiatives

2. Execution

  • Design highly targeted campaigns and assets for each platform
  • Set up and configure ad accounts, landing pages, automation, and integrations
  • Manage day-to-day activity, including content creation, audience segmentation, and campaign management
  • Leverage automation and workflows for efficiency and scale

3. Optimization

  • Continuously track and analyze performance data across every initiative
  • Identify winning campaigns and double down on them
  • Uncover underperforming areas and troubleshoot issues
  • Test new creative, messaging, segments, and tactics
  • Shift budget allocations towards the highest ROI
  • Refine campaigns and platforms for improved conversions and growth

What Our Clients Say

“XtremeUX took our digital marketing to the next level. Their paid search campaigns resulted in a 20% increase in leads month-over-month!”

Jane Doe

Jane Doe

CEO, Construction Company

“We’ve worked with several agencies in the past, but none could match the expertise and results of the team at XtremeUX. Our revenue from digital channels has doubled since partnering with them.”

John Smith

John Smith

Marketing Director, Automation Industries

“The comprehensive digital strategy provided by XtremeUX helped our eCommerce site increase conversion rates by 10%. We are seeing significant ROI from their efforts.”
Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson

Ecommerce Manager, Furniture Store

“The amount of actionable insights and recommendations the XtremeUX team provides is amazing. They are truly experts when it comes to extracting maximum value from our digital marketing.”
Jessica Wu

Jessica Wu

VP Marketing, Home Decor Store

“XtremeUX makes our digital marketing easy. Their constant optimization and testing take our campaigns to the next level while we focus on operations. Couldn’t ask for a better partner to drive our growth.”
Michael Rogers

Michael Rogers

Founder, Dental Clinic